Bishop Mace the 20th, and his lackeys, Bravely Faces Unknown Evil Force

Last week, Bishop Mace XX, and his followers, heard tale of a ruined keep, once belonging to a Paladin, to the north of the town. All who travel to explore the keep fail to return.

Knowing that a malevolent force must be at play, the brave and noble Paladin Mace, immediately departed with is followers to investigate the keep and clease the ruined keep of the malignant forces that must occupy it.

Travelling north, towards the keep, the valiant band encountered a dense fog before arriving at the keep. While in the fog the band notices a ghostly figure who tells them to turn around because only death awaits those who enter the keep.

The figure announces himself as Cairallelle. The band, led by Mace, bravely ignored the specters warnings and plodded forward. Immediately they were accosted by shadowy tentacles which shot out of the ground. The Paladin Mace shrugged off his attackers and deduced that Cairallelle was behind the attacks and attacked the menacing figure bravely. In single combat, Mace destroyed Cairallelle and in doing so saved all of his company who were slowly being strangled by the tentacles.

Moving on to the misty grounds surrounding the keep, the band followed Mace as he investigated the outer curtain wall of the keep. The noble Paladin notices a figure moving in front of them. Mace valiantly follows the figure and sees a figured, kneeling in prayer.

Mace addresses the figure and determines that the figure is the specter of the slain, former owner of the keep. After a Q&A session, Bishop Mace gained the fallen paladin’s trust and handy dandy new magical sword.

Learning where the entrance to the catacombs underneath the keep are located, Mace leads his followers onward… to glory.

Upon descending into the catacombs. Mace’s dwarven lackey immediately falls into pit trap and must be rescued by Mace. While rescuing the “little guy”, Mace’s party is attacked by non-humans. Maces drives off the ravening pack of bloodthirsty goblins with one arm while pulling the dwarf out of the hole with a rope, using his other arm.

What may Mace and his band of brave but inept followers encounter next??? We can only guess till the next chapter of this epic saga, which begins on October 30th at 5 pm.



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