Bishop Mace 20

An upcoming young paladin who comes from a long-line of paladins. Men want to be like him and Women want to be with him. He can't wait to look in the mirror because he gets better looking each day.

str 17
con 14
dex 14
int 17
wis 13
cha 18
AC Fort Ref Will
Enter AC here Enter Fort Defense here Enter Reflex defense here Will goes here

Magic Items


Bishop Mace XX, comes from a long and storied line of Paladins. His father the famed Bishop Mace 19, lived a long and battle scarred life. He was cut down by the ancient Red Dragon, Ikiwpu the Maleficent, when the venerable wyrm awoke after hundreds of years of sleep and went on a rampage. While 19 lost his life in the battle, he also ended the life of Ikiwpu. It is rumored that Ikiwpu’s mate, Oklopu the Scarlet Wind, vowed vengance on the line of Mace.
The 20th is the first though to worship the goddess Waukeen. Waukeen is the goddess of coin, wealth and merchants. Her worshippers believe that the creation of wealth is a holy mission. Smart business deals, new innovations, and hard work are actions that are encouraged in the faith. Deals made above and below the table are equally important. Those that follow Waukeen believe that mercantilism is the best road to enrichment.
Finding, obtaining, holding on to and expanding one’s wealth is the holy task of all that follow Waukeen.

Bishop Mace 20

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