Diving Deeper

Mental Note to be added to my journal later…

Diving deeper into keep, we come across a sleeping goblin. Once again forced to translated for the meat shields, the goblin claimed to be a political prisoner and leader. Due to my study of the arcane arts, my lie detecting skills aren’t as strong as I would like, however we discerned he was up to something, and took him with us (personal note, study the dishonest nature of mortals). We looted his belongs and found a wand that had some power I’m not familiar with, and could possibly be a culprit in my current predicament. But I digress.

We decided to check the front door and see just how much of a prisoner our goblin was. The door was locked from the inside and a guard was posted outside. Our self proclaimed “valiant leader” Bishop Mace was going to attempt to drag him inside, however due to total ineptitude of Bishop or incredible martial skills of the Goblin (I vote the former), Bishop failed the behind the back surprise attack and thrown into the hall. We managed to recover however, and with help we brought him back into the room and again I initiated the interrogation. He agreed to join us after we offered payment. We cross referenced the guard’s information to the leader’s, discovered the leader knew a password to the deeper sections, and decided to take both deeper into the keep seeking after the master.

Upon entering into the lower section, the smell of undead was overwhelming. My comrades vetoed my sage like advice to wait until the leader’s report was due, and possibly no undead in the area, and continue forth into danger. We were quickly hit from a multi-pronged attack with the meat shields struggling against several zombies in the first room, and the other intellectual the dwarf priest Adrik and myself holding up the rear pushing back wave after wave of zombies.

Now I must conclude this mental note, as the next wave marches forth to their obliteration. We are holding strong now due to the superior skills, intellect, and wit of Adrik and myself, however even we can be overwhelmed…



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